Project Management in M-Files: One of the most prevalent M-Files customer use cases

Planning, organizing and managing project resources and processes can be daunting and overwhelming. With M-Files, it’s easy to define simple rules for content visibility, task deadlines and ownership – which is why project management is one of the most prevalent M-Files customer use cases.

Everything in one place

Sometimes finding the right project document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that contract saved? Who edited it last?
What if it didn’t matter? M-Files eliminates the chaos of traditional folders by organizing content based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.

Team management

Staying on top of everything during the entire life cycle of a project is difficult. M-Files gives you quick access to the information you need to manage your project team.

Task management

Manually managing day-to-day project tasks isn’t a good use of your time. M-Files automates operational project tasks like notifying team members of upcoming deadlines and deliverables, review and approval processes, publishing and more. That means you can ensure consistency while M-Files verifies that every step in your business process is followed.

Supplier management

Managing relationships with your project suppliers requires strategic planning and the ability to monitor and track all interactions with the companies that supply goods and services for your project. M-Files helps create closer, more collaborative relationships with key suppliers by managing all of your information and providing quick access to it from anywhere, even right from your ERP or CRM.

Better Visibility

It’s important that relevant QA personnel in your organization can view and monitor all actions related to a CAPA. M-Files allows for a full 360 degree view of all actions and documentation related to a CAPA so that QA personnel have every bit of information they need.