Enterprise-Level Security in M-Files Document Management System

M-Files fully protects your documents and data

M-Files Security
We take your privacy and data protection seriously. That’s why we provide robust security features like market-leading access control features, audit trails, federated authentication, file encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, data loss prevention, high availability and more. Few things are as important as securing your business information and that’s why we make sure you always have the tools you need to protect everything. Whether your data resides behind an on-premises firewall or in the cloud or you access it via the local area network in your office or remotely with your phone, we’ve got you covered.

New to the world of enterprise security? Read about Best Practices for Data Security in M-Files for more information.

M-Files is an ISO 27001 Certified ECM Provider

ISO 27001 is an international information security management standard that provides requirements for a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information and associated risks that includes people, processes and IT systems. The information security management system for the cloud operations delivered by M-Files has been independently audited and verified by Inspecta as being in conformance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Access Control & Permissions

Metadata-driven automatic permissions: M-Files provides a patented and revolutionary approach to managing access control by what the content is.

  • Dynamic organizational permissions: M-Files supports access control schema changes due to organization changes with a few clicks. For example, change an employees metadata attribute to “Supervisor” to enable visibility of employee-related documents without having to update permissions document-by-document.
  • Secure content while making it accessible: It’s important to keep your content safe while making sure everyone in your company has access to the files and information they need. However, well-specified access control policies are only efficient if users adhere to them. In M-Files, permissions are set automatically and dynamically based on metadata. Automate data security and accessibility for everyone and ensure that access control policies are enforced in the repository.
  • Permissions based content and context: With M-Files, you can set access permissions for entire classes of documents and data objects, as well as individual documents and objects, and even for different versions of the same document or object – including assigning roles that give different levels of access to different users or user groups, such as managers.
  • Focus on the important stuff: Your time is precious. The last thing you need to worry about is spending time manually establishing employee access rights to company information. M-Files reduces the demands for IT involvement by enabling those closest to the business need to easily configure the system to meet their requirements.