Connect IT Consultancy strives continuously to meets all industry standards to safeguard your data. Our data retention and business continuity plans are comprehensive and we maintain a secure environment for our network and servers as well as our software and web applications.

No data transmissions over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. Consequently, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you understand that any information that you transfer to Connect IT Consultancy is done at your own risk. However, Connect IT Consultancy uses website security measures consistent with current best practices to protect its website, email and mailing lists. These measures include technical, procedural, monitoring and tracking steps intended to safeguard data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction.

We realize there can be incidents of misuse or unauthorized program incursions, as almost every website, service and user encounters. In those instances, our goals are to move quickly to isolate the problem, ensure or restore proper functionality and minimize any inconvenience to our users. As appropriate and necessary, Connect IT Consultancy will notify the relevant authorities of these incidents of misuse or unauthorized program incursions of the website.

Network infrastructure and information security team performs regular software updates throughout our infrastructure to remain up-to-date and with strict routing, fire-walling, and access control links that separate each privilege level.

Our software and web applications undergo regular security checks and internal source code audits. Internal audits are augmented by semi-regular third-party audits. Our cloud infrastructure employs Multi-Factor Authentication for management operations.

Data is aggressively archived and we perform regular offsite backups to ensure redundancy. We place a high priority on redundancy and ensuring maximum availability of our services. We follows industry standard incident response procedures with a dedicated incident response team.