Based in Dubai, with a branch in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 2008

Assisting organizations to connect with their real objectives

Connect IT Consultancy specializes in services and solutions that can empower your IT infrastructure and resources to make your business more efficient and productive.

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Connecting essential components

Establishing effective connections between essential components that matters will help businesses to make faster and better decisions to move on.


Solutions that lasts longer

We believe that Management Services should help applications respond to changing business needs and risks, while performing optimally, and not just be another overhead IT cost.
We are contracted with various small, medium and large businesses and government departments for maintaining their software and web applications to provide continuous support in maintaining applications, databases, contents, search engine optimization and social media channels. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of business processes, ready-to-deploy solution accelerators and right resources enables effortless maintenance and solution enhancements – makes us the right sized partner to add value to your enterprise application as well as business objectives. read more...